A Soft Skills Crisis

Soft skills are what make humans unique.

They’re the only differentiator from robots and machines taking our jobs.

That’s why I speak about it.

Contact me and learn how soft skills can transform your company.

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4/8 How To Effectively Work & Manage Remotely: Part 1

4/14 How To Effectively Work & Manager Remotely: Part 2

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  • “Scott has presented twice for the NAAAP Los Angeles community. He shared with us how to make and develop meaningful connections through effective networking, as well as how to lead in life through high emotional intelligence (EQ). Scott’s practical and succinct approach in his presentations drive home a clear message that’s easy for everybody to comprehend and apply to his/her own situation. We highly recommend Scott for your organization and love his teaching here in our community!”

    Lance Hong, President at National Association of Asian American Professionals Los Angeles
  • “Scott is fantastic! He took the time to prepare with me in advance, by gaining a clear understanding of the retreat objectives and respective audience, and as a result, his presentation was relevant, engaging, and extremely well received. Scott has the ability to synthesize and deliver concrete information in a manner that is easy to digest, while balancing his presentation with personal storytelling. I look forward to working with Scott again in the future!”

    Yas Hardaway, Executive Director of Career Services & Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University
  • “Engaged and energized introvert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Scott. I met Scott in 2018 when I attended one of his speaking events and, through a series of various interactions, I’ve come to value him as a colleague. I am impressed with Scott’s ability as a speaker and coach, particularly in his listening skills and engaging his audience. And, all within his self-professed introversion leanings! Scott is a consummate professional who is confident, passionate, and introspective and a true asset as a leader and collaborator.”

    Krys Doctor, SHRM-SCP & People Strategy Consultant